The Week in Television Wrap October 26-November 1

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drop dead diva

drop dead divaThis week on TVHackr, we talked about a Castle casting, more chances to watch Sleepy Hollow, and a return of sorts for Dexter, while the internet touched on Netflix, reboots, and accents.

FOX Picks Dads Up for a Full Season
FOX has ordered a back nine for Dads, meaning that its entire Tuesday comedy lineup (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, The Mindy Project) will have full seasons.

Witches of East End 1.04 “A Few Good Talismen” Recap
While Wendy beds a handsome entomologist in order to procure spell ingredients, Joanna has another encounter with the shifter and Freya gets closer to Dash’s mother Penelope.

Lifetime Renews Drop Dead Diva
Lifetime has renewed Drop Dead Diva for a sixth season after bringing it back from cancellation before the start of season five.

Ellen DeGeneres Developing Comedy for NBC
Daytime Emmy winner Ellen DeGeneres has a comedy in development at NBC which will focus on a lesbian who becomes pregnant with her straight male friend’s baby.

FOX Makes Every Episode of Sleepy Hollow Available Online and On Demand
In anticipation for the November 4th return of Sleepy Hollow, FOX has made every episode available to watch online and on demand.

The Full Series of Dexter Coming to Netflix
Years after taking the serial killer drama off the streaming service, CBS has made a deal with Netflix for the entire series of Dexter to stream, with the first four seasons appearing on Halloween.

True Detective Trailer and Key Art: Life Slips Through Your Fingers
HBO has released new key art for upcoming crime anthology True Detective, as well as a second trailer.

Castle Review: “Get a Clue”
When a murder occurs where the body of the victim is kept in a crucifixion position, Castle and Beckett disagree on what the medieval symbols on the victim’s hand could mean.

Almost Human: Watch the First 8 Minutes of the Series Premiere
FOX has made the first eight minutes of the series premiere of sci-fi cop drama Almost Human available in advance of its November 17th premiere.

The Walking Dead Renewed for Season 5 by AMC
AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for a fifth season after the show began its fourth season with record-breaking ratings for its season premiere.

Ravenswood Review: “Death and the Maiden”
On the second episode of Ravenswood, Miranda’s fate is revealed, Luke suspects his mother is cheating on his father, and Olivia is crowned homecoming queen.

Legit: FXX Comedy Casts Carrie Fisher
FXX comedy Legit, which stars Australian comedian Jim Jefferies, has cast Star Wars alum Carrie Fisher in an upcoming episode.

How I Met Your Mother 9.07 Review – No Questions Asked
While Daphne sends a troubling text message to Lily, Marshall enforces the No Questions Asked rule with the group.

Amazon Green-Lights Two New Drama Pilots
After going through the comedy development process earlier this year, Amazon has picked its first two drama pilots.

Scandal 3.05 Sneak Peek: Mellie and Cyrus Go on the Hunt for a Campaign Manager
On this week’s episode of Scandal, Mellie and Cyrus start their search for a manager for Fitz’s reelection campaign.

Betrayal 1.06 Preview: Drew’s Obsession Grows
Next time on Betrayal, Drew’s obsession with figuring out what his wife is up to grows and Jack makes a decision that will reverberate throughout all corners of his life.

Witches of East End 1.05 Preview: Maura Has a Poor Reaction to Wendy’s Spell
Next time on Witches of East End, Wendy’s spell goes awry, while Ingrid mourns Adam and Freya deals with the arrival of Elyse.

Castle Scoop: Alexandra Chando To Make Miley Cyrus-like Appearance
The Lying Game star Alexandra Chando is set to appear on an upcoming episode of Castle as a Miley Cyrus-like character.

Witches of East End Spoilers: The Shifter Targets Freya
Coming up on Witches of East End, the shifter stalks Freya, Ingrid has a flashback to a past life, and a suspicious novelist moves to town.

The Client List Cancelled by Lifetime
Lifetime has cancelled The Client List following nearly six months of creative standoff with star Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Ravenswood Winter Premiere Set for January 7th; Twisted Pushed Back to February 11th
ABC Family has tweaked their schedule for the beginning of next year, with Ravenswood getting a shot behind Pretty Little Liars.


The Worst American Accents on TV (Yahoo)
Yahoo looks at several actors whose American accents leave much to be desired.

Six Television Series/Seasons Recently Released To Netflix Worth Watching (Uproxx)
Do you need something else to watch? Tired of the new fall offerings? Uproxx has six television shows that you might want to take a look at.

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CNN takes a look at the recent glut of reboot announcements and ponders if originality is a thing of the past for television executives.