Revenge 3.21 Photos and Preview: Emily Resorts to Drastic Measures

by Shilo Adams 2,189 views0

revengeThe Grayson empire has taken quite a few shots since Emily Thorne came to town on her quest for vengeance, but they’ve always managed to dust themselves off and withstand whatever blows landed against them. However, the longer Emily has continued her hunt for justice for her father, the more the Graysons have weakened, meaning that at this point, it’s all a matter of Emily hanging on until the moment comes when she can deliver a knockout punch. But is she ready to wreak years worth of vengeance on the people who made her life a living hell and turned her into the woman that stands before them today?

On the next episode of Revenge, that moment looks to be coming sooner rather than later, as Conrad and Victoria are left reeling when they discover Charlotte’s been kidnapped. Victoria, especially, isn’t in a positive state, the kidnapping coming after Pascal’s murder, and her taking her eye off the ball could give Emily the motivation and opportunity to strike. With how resilient the Graysons have proven to be, she can’t afford to waste this chance, not when she’s still recovering from the toll her blackouts took and not when she might not have the Grayson defense shields down again anytime soon. What she has to do now, though, is figure out who took Charlotte, what they want with her, and how she can be use this situation to her advance – does she turn Victoria against Conrad and watch as the Graysons further implode? Or could she save Charlotte herself and use the Grayson daughter as a way to glean information about the destruction her parents are dealing with?

Revenge airs Sundays at 10:00 on ABC.

Who do you think is behind the kidnapping of Charlotte? How will Victoria handle news of the kidnapping after what happened with Pascal? Is this the best chance Emily’s had to do damage to the Graysons this season?