Plot Summary

Amanda Clarke lost her father to the manipulations of the Grayson family, and after spending years in social services as well as in juvenile detention, she transformed herself into Emily Thorne, and returned to the Hamptons to exact revenge upon those that did her wrong.

Starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, Madeline Stowe as Victoria Grayson, Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross and Henry Czerny as Conrad Grayson, Revenge airs on ABC, currently on Sunday nights at 9pm Eastern.


Revenge Episodes

Recent 'Revenge' Headlines


Revenge 4.02 Sneak Peeks: Emily Searches for Victoria

With Conrad found dead by the side of a back road, Victoria languishing in a mental institution, and Daniel self-destructing, Emily Thorne thought that she had concluded her quest for...


Revenge Season 4 Premiere Sneak Peek: Victoria Uses Her Phone Call

Emily knew that Victoria wouldn’t take her stint in the mental hospital lying down. It’s not as if once she checked the Hamptons Grand Dame into the facility, she would be...


Revenge 4.01 Photos and Preview: Victoria Finds an Advantage

Emily knows that it’s going to take a lot to bring Victoria Grayson down. The Hamptons Grand Dame’s tenaciousness is only matched by the fabulousness of her wardrobe and she’s had...


Revenge Season 4 Preview: What Goes Around Comes Around

ABC has made the first promo for Revenge‘s upcoming fourth season, as well as released the official fourth season key art. When we last left Revenge, Emily had gotten Victoria...


Revenge Season 4: Nestor Serrano Joins the Cast

TVLine is reporting that Nestor Serrano (90210) has signed on to the upcoming fourth season of Revenge. He’s set to recur as Edward Alvarez, a commanding and perceptive police chief...

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