Revenge Season 4 Preview: What Goes Around Comes Around

by Shilo Adams 839 views0


ABC has made the first promo for Revenge‘s upcoming fourth season, as well as released the official fourth season key art.

When we last left Revenge, Emily had gotten Victoria committed to a mental institution to keep the secret of her identity under wraps. Had Victoria been able to reach someone with the revelation that Hamptons socialite Emily Thorne isn’t who she claims to be, she could have destroyed Emily and stopped the plan for vengeance dead in its tracks. However, Emily got to her before anything like that could happen and now Victoria’s stint in the mental institution will prevent people from taking claims like this, which were already outlandish, even remotely seriously.

Emily can’t afford to rest on her laurels, though, not when Victoria will eventually get out of the institution and not when she still has quite a bit to do in order to exact revenge on the Graysons. She can’t let her guard down because once Victoria gets out of the hospital, she’s going to do everything in her power and exhaust her considerable resources looking to get Emily back for the hell that she’s been put through.

Set to appear on Revenge this season are Yeardley Smith (The Simpsons) as a fellow patient at the institution Victoria’s stuck in; Nestor Serrano (90210) as Edward, a commanding and perceptive police chief who finds himself in Victoria’s corner; Brian Hallisay (The Client List) as easygoing local cop Ben; and Elena Satine (Magic City) as Louise, the slightly unhinged black sheep of a prominent Southern family. Additionally, James Tupper and Karinne Vanasse have been promoted to series regulars after recurring for three seasons and one season, respectively.

The fourth season of Revenge is set to premiere Sunday, September 28th at 10:00 on ABC.

Will you be watching the fourth season of Revenge? Can Victoria get people to believe her side of the story now that she’s had a stint in the mental institution? How do you think Victoria should exact her own vengeance upon Emily once she gets released?