Revenge Season 4: Nestor Serrano Joins the Cast

by Shilo Adams 949 views0


revengeTVLine is reporting that Nestor Serrano (90210) has signed on to the upcoming fourth season of Revenge. He’s set to recur as Edward Alvarez, a commanding and perceptive police chief who finds himself in Victoria’s corner.

There are two possibilities that could connect Victoria and Edward – either he’s the reason that she gets out of the mental institution or he’s someone she can utilize in her battle against Emily once she makes it out of the institution another way. Either way, this relationship is decidedly a win for Victoria, one that comes at a time when she needs the boost. Once she gets out of the institution, she can go about exposing the truth behind Emily’s identity and getting the life back that was taken away from her; had she gone blindly into it, she might have been written off as insane, given her recent stint, but with Alvarez backing her up, she could have a chance at getting people to listen.

In addition to his role on the CW soap, Serrano has appeared on the likes of Graceland, Sleepy Hollow, and Ugly Betty. He joins a growing stable of season four additions that includes Yeardley Smith (The Simpsons) as a fellow patient at the mental institution Emily trapped Victoria in; Elena Satine (Magic City) as the unhinged black sheep of a prominent Southern family; and Brian Hallisay (The Client List) as Ben, an easygoing local cop who befriends Jack and sets his sights on Emily.

The fourth season of Revenge is set to premiere Sunday, September 28th at 10:00 on ABC.

Will you be watching the fourth season of Revenge? Is Victoria’s association with Edward going to be the thing that gets her out of the mental institution? When Victoria does get out of the institution, what will her first move against Emily be?