Author: Erin Steinberg

Erin Steinberg

I've been pretty much watching tv since the womb and I was nicknamed "TV Guide" by my mother at a very young age. I'm still mourning the loss of Chuck and Eureka but Castle is plugging that hole at an alarming rate. TV is my passion and i'm very unapologetic about it. Look me up on twitter @E_84 if you feel like chatting.

Castle / by Erin Steinberg -

Castle Review: “Veritas”

Rob Hanning, Terence Paul Winter and Rob Bowman I love you, I really love you. “Veritas” was an edge of your seat, insanely intense epic episode! One of the best…

Castle / by Erin Steinberg -

Castle Review: “Room 147”

After last Monday’s amazing episode, this week’s episode of Castle really held its own. Monday night’s episode was the first for Adam Frost and I thought he did a great…