Looking 1.01 Sneak Peek: Patrick Gets Invited to an Ex’s Bachelor Party

by Shilo Adams 664 views0


lookingThough Patrick was the one who broke up with his ex, it still stung when he found out the ex wound up engaged after dating his next boyfriend for only four months. Not only has it brought out his own insecurities about not being able to find someone to settle down with, the feeling that everyone but him has found their own slice of domestic bliss has made him nostalgic for guys from his past, regretting not giving some of them more of a chance and finding one minor thing that he felt gave him reason enough to break up. However, Patrick’s existential crisis doesn’t really kick into high gear until he gets invited to the dual bachelor party.

On the series premiere of Looking, Patrick weighs whether or not he wants to go to the bachelor party and the wedding. Although he doesn’t have any ill will toward his ex, who he broke up with for being boring, the feelings that the wedding have brought out in him might be enough to keep him from showing up. Well, unless one of his friends decides to tag along for moral support. Right now, Patrick is a mixture of jealous that he’s not the one getting ready to settle down, unfulfilled with the progress he’s made in his personal life, and regretful that he might have been too picky with the guys he’s tossed off in the past, but getting the shot in the arm from the engagement of an ex might be just the motivation he needed to seriously look into finding someone to spend his life with.

Elsewhere on Looking, aspiring artist Agustin agrees to move in with his boyfriend Frank, while Dom thinks about reconnecting with an ex and Patrick has a chance encounter on the Muni.

The series premiere of Looking is set to air Sunday at 10:30 on HBO. You can check out spoilers for the first two episodes of Looking here, as well as trailers here, here, and here.

Should Patrick go to the bachelor party, even with his insecurities about being single? Is moving in with his boyfriend going to be the best thing for Agustin’s inspiration? What could be the reasoning behind Dom wanting to reconnect with an ex?