Looking Trailer: Being Good at Who You Think You Are

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lookingHBO has released another trailer from upcoming gay-themed dramedy Looking, created by Michael Lannan (Lorimer) and executive produced by Sarah Condon (Bored to Death) and Weekend director Andrew Haigh, who helmed the show’s first episode.

Looking stars Jonathan Groff (Glee), Murray Bartlett (All My Children), and Frankie Alvarez (Smash) as three friends living in San Francisco and dealing with being gay in modern society, including issues of aging in a community that values youth and vitality, finding someone to settle down with at an “appropriate” time, and feeling lost as far as one’s place and purpose in the world. The last prominent LGBT-centric series on American television were Showtime’s Queer as Folk and The L Word; while they lasted a combined 11 seasons, neither was especially critically acclaimed and didn’t inspire a fleet of imitators, so Looking has the chance to really help LGBT representation on television and soothe any fears development executives have of projects with LGBT lead characters. With national attitude toward gay marriage improving in recent years and television in a fallow period for positive LGBT representation, a perfect storm allowing Looking to become the next watercooler cable dramedy might already be forming.

In addition to Groff, Bartlett, and Alvarez, Looking is set to feature Scott Bakula (Men of a Certain Age), Russell Tovey (Being Human), O.T. Fagbenle (I Could Never Be Your Woman), Raul Castillo (Film School Shorts), and Andrew Law (The Jeselnik Offensive).

The series premiere of Looking is set to air Sunday, January 19th at 10:30 on HBO. Season one of the dramedy will consist of eight episodes. You can check out spoilers for the first two episodes of the show here, as well as additional trailers here and here.

Which of Looking‘s trailers has been your favorite thus far? Do you think the show will pair well with Girls and earn itself a second season? Is this the next cultural touchstone gay-themed television series?