Treme 4.04 Sneak Peek: Davis Worries About His Legacy

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tremeNo character on Treme cares more about New Orleans than Davis McAlary. For the past three seasons, the DJ/record label executive/front man has poured himself in the city’s music scene both because of his love for the creativity that thrives in the Big Easy and his desire for respect for his own craft. However, the type of success that Davis has been chasing hasn’t made its prevalent during the run of Treme, with his job at the radio station being on-off, Aunt Mimi taking the reigns with Mercury Monterrey, and his bands breaking up due to internal politics, lack of interest, and a shrinking New Orleans music scene. Even though Davis has put quite a bit of leg work into New Orleans, has it been enough for him to be remembered?

On the next episode of Treme, it’s Davis’ 40th birthday and as such, he’s waxing philosophical about his place in New Orleans and how he’s not where he wanted to be when he hit this age. He does have an idea on how to leave his mark, though – running a music club, seeing as how several establishments have been shut down recently and his own band was denied their final show due to the club they regularly played being locked up. While this is impressively ambitious, as is the fact that he wants to place himself among the New Orleans greats when it’s all said and done, running a place like that isn’t as easy as drinking, listening to music, and closing up every night. It’s finances, networking, noise codes; it’s the stuff that Davis either doesn’t want to or hasn’t considered. Getting a club off the ground for someone with an established history in that aspect of the music industry is hard enough, so a man like Davis who hasn’t owned a club and doesn’t have the greatest business background/experience anyway is going to be next to impossible.

Elsewhere on Treme, Toni gets a break in her case, while Annie makes a decision about the fate of her band, Delmond receives an offer that he doesn’t think he can refuse, and L.P. returns to New Orleans.

Treme airs Sundays at 9:00 on HBO. You can check out a preview of the episode here.

Would opening a music club give Davis the type of legacy in New Orleans that he craves? Do you think that Annie will get rid of her band in search of solo stardom? Why would L.P. return to New Orleans after getting his article published?