Treme Series Finale Preview: Will Mardi Gras End in Tragedy?

by Shilo Adams 829 views0


tremeMardi Gras has always been the time that residents of New Orleans can put their cares away and enjoy what makes their city the cultural mecca that it’s always, even after Katrina, been. It’s both a time of energy and of peace, where the city gets the shot in the arm it needs to make it through the remaining weeks of winter and where whatever woes they’re facing get drowned out by second lines and magnanimous camaraderie. Full of color, music, and merriment, Mardi Gras has also been the time where Treme weaves its many disparate threads into one tapestry, a way to bring characters who wouldn’t otherwise be around one another into the same universe.

On the series finale of Treme, the darker side of Mardi Gras comes out when shots are fired during a celebration. While the event makes for dramatically interesting character combinations and has been a commonality shared by everyone in the city, even if they don’t go to anything related to the event itself, it can sometimes get the mix wrong and result in unexpected threats to people who just want to have the excuse to smile and let go. Not everyone thinks of Mardi Gras as a time for dancing and culture, spirit and tradition; some view it as a time where their misdeeds can be masked by the crowds clogging up the city, a time to settle the scores they’ve been wanting to settle for the last year. But is there a chance that someone we’ve come to know and love won’t make it out of Mardi Gras alive?

Elsewhere on Treme, Terry is offered a transfer from NOPD, while guardians send Albert home, Antoine goes to a Dr. John gig with his sons, and Davis takes care of his pothole.

The series finale of Treme airs Sunday at 9:00 on HBO.

What do you think will happen at Mardi Gras on Treme? Will Terry be happier now that he’s out of the department? Is going to the Dr. John gig going to inspire Antoine’s sons to get even more into music?