Castle Season 6 Premiere Review: “Valkyrie”

by Erin Steinberg 613 views1

tumblr_msu6a0BKrz1qctvaco1_500After 19 long weeks, Castle returned Monday night after what felt like the longest hiatus ever. The season 6 premiere picked up immediately where season 5 left off. I absolutely loved how goofy the post proposal scene was. That’s one of the things I love about this show. You can have such a serious moment, followed by a funny one and it feels so natural. If this is what’s to come for season 6, I say bring it on!

So, let’s dive right into it shall we? Will she say yes? Well, we didn’t have to wait very long for her answer. Kate said YES! O HAPPY DAY! To say I’m happy is a major understatement. To be truthful, I really didn’t know if she would say yes. I figured Kate would say maybe and we’d have to wait a few episodes. I’m so happy I was wrong and I’m even happier the writers didn’t drag out the big answer to the even bigger question. I whole heartily agree with Castle. Him and Kate are going to be great. I absolutely loved everything about this scene. It was just so Castle and Kate. When Kate said Castle’s full name, “Richard Edgar Alexander Rogers Castle” before responding yes, I could not stop smiling my cheeks hurt. I was even happier when Castle told Kate he wasn’t proposing to keep her in NYC but because he couldn’t imagine his life without her.  Thank you Castle! Communication! Hopefully we will get lots of this going forward between these two.

I do have to say I was right about one thing. I totally guessed they were going to flash forward 2 months with Kate in Washington, D.C. I knew Kate was going to take the job in D.C. How could she not? She was meant to do this job and so much more. She worked so hard and she was right, she would have regretted it. I’m just so thankful Castle was supportive of her decision. If Kate would have stayed in New York for Castle that would have definitely cause a riff between these two, and we really don’t need anymore of that angst.

As much as I loved the episode, “Valkyrie” had some things I didn’t really enjoy. I love Alexis, but her boyfriend Pi, not so much. I hope that storyline doesn’t last very long. Alexis deserves way more than a guy that calls Castle, “Mr. C.” I felt like it took up valuable screen time from Espo and Ryan. Giving Castle advice is cool, but these two need more than that.

Now for the things I did enjoy. There were so many incredibly sweet moments between Caskett this episode. My shipper heart exploded too many times to count. I loved when Castle surprised Kate in her apartment after she had to cancel on him. They hadn’t seen each other in 6 weeks for goodness sakes. They needed time with each other. Too bad we couldn’t see them ripping off each other’s clothes. I’d really love to see a really passionate scene with those two this season. Writers – please get on that. I really loved that they ended their phone call with “I love you’s.” Last season was all about, when will Kate say “I love you?” Now, the I love you’s come so naturally. Such a pleasure! I also really loved Kate bringing Castle a cup of coffee. Who knew a little thing like coffee could bring such a smile to everyone’s face? An even bigger smile came when Kate called Castle “babe.” It’s the little things in an episode that really make the difference. Especially that wink by Kate. Wow!

Now that Kate is in D.C. and has a new partner, played by Lisa Edelstein, I wondered how Castle was going to get himself involved in her case. The audience had to know he was going to weasel himself in. It’s Castle remember? He needed to have a purpose in this episode. Castle being his curious self, saw a piece of evidence that Kate accidentally left behind and began to investigate. Of course their paths crossed and Castle got in trouble for investigating. This isn’t the NYPD we’re dealing with. This was regarding National Security and Kate could have gotten in serious trouble. Thank goodness that didn’t happen.

I’ll admit, the case didn’t really capture my attention until the very end when Castle was brought back to D.C. I sensed something was up when Kate walked towards Castle with a serious look on her face.  When Kate told Castle he was exposed to a chemical toxin, when Castle was in the suspects car my heart just sank. To make matters worse, Kate told Castle he had less than a day to live!

Hard fade to black and TO BE CONTINUED

SERIOUSLY? How can they do this to us? It’s the first episode back! They really are trying to kill us.

My big question is how are they going to bring Kate back to the NYPD? I mean, I’m extremely happy for her and her new position in D.C., but I don’t see how they can go back and forth with Ryan, Espo, Lanie, and Gates and then Kate and her team in D.C. What about Castle? Going back and forth constantly will get really tiring. This episode Ryan and Espo helped Castle with the case and gave Castle some advice with Beckett, but they really need a bigger purpose. I’m just so happy the show is back and I’m ready with whatever the masterminds at Castle give me. I know it’s going to be great, and I can’t wait for more!

What did everyone think about the episode? I’d love to know what you guys loved and didn’t love.

In the meantime, I need some major distractions until the next episode. I think I might work on my Kate Beckett wink. I don’t think I can do it as fantastic as Stana, but I’ll try.

Is it next monday yet?