Lucky 7 Series Premiere Spoilers: What Would You Do If You Won the Lottery?

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lucky 7

lucky 7Every week without fail, the workers at Queens’ Gold Star service station pool their money to buy lottery tickets, hoping that this would be the time when they would hit it big. They all have issues in their lives that having a large sum of money could go a long way toward fixing and just for once, they want to be able to get ahead, to not have to merely survive but to thrive. The drawing finally arrives and they somehow hit the jackpot, meaning that they’ll be splitting the fortune seven ways and (seemingly) move on to bigger and better things in their lives. Bills will be paid, dreams will be seized, and happiness will be the new normal – or will it? Coming up on Lucky 7, the workers slowly but surely come to the startling realization that just because they have more disposal resources at their fingertips doesn’t mean that everything all of a sudden becomes better.

Listed below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of the first three episodes of Lucky 7.

Tuesday, September 24th – “Pilot”
The Gold Star pals have never lost hope that they could potentially cash in on the winnings of a lifetime. Matt Korzak (Matt Long) could get his very pregnant girlfriend, Mary Lavecchia (Christine Evangelista), and their other child out of his mother’s house. Matt’s brother, Nicky (Stephen Louis Grush), an ex-con, could pay off a dangerous debt and pursue the crush he has on co-worker Samira Lashari (Summer Bishil). Samira, a second-generation Pakistani immigrant and a talented musician, could finally afford to go to her dream school, Juilliard. Denise Dibinsky (Lorraine Bruce), the tender-hearted Gold Star cashier, is struggling to lose weight and regain her former glory, but the winnings could provide an opportunity for her to rebuild her crumbling marriage. Leanne Maxwell (Anastasia Phillips), a single mother, will try to keep her past hidden despite the spotlight the lottery win puts on her. Bob Harris (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.), the store’s manager and quite possibly the nicest man in the world, wants to buy the Gold Star and make it into the perfect workplace. And cheerful and charming Antonio Clemente (Luis Antonio Ramos) will discover ways to capitalize on the group’s win in order to give his wife, Bianca (Alex Castillo), and their three kids a whole new life.

With their circumstances changed by the lottery win, these “Lucky 7” will need to overcome obstacles, reach down deep to examine their values and find out who they really are if they’re to enjoy their newfound wealth. You’d think they’d have millions of reasons to celebrate — but will they?

Tuesday, October 1st – “Inside Job”
A news crew comes to profile the gang as the reality of the lottery win sets in. The girls go on a high-end shopping spree in advance of the Gold Star block party, as Antonio and his family deal with the aftermath of the gang’s new status. Meanwhile, the police investigate the Gold Star robbery, getting closer to the shocking truth.

Tuesday, October 8th – “Cable Guy”
The group makes plans for receiving their winnings, but Leanne is tormented by the possibility she is being followed and hatches a desperate plan. Meanwhile, Denise sets up a meeting with “the cable guy” — the woman she suspects of having an affair with her husband — with shocking results. Bob receives some life-changing news and needs to decide how he will deal with it. And Detective Minetti is convinced that he has the key to the robbery and won’t stop until he cracks someone in the Gold Star “family” to help him break the case.

The series premiere of Lucky 7 is set to air Tuesday, September 24th at 10:00 on ABC.

Will you be watching Lucky 7? How do you think the show will compare to The Syndicate, the British series that it’s based on? Can the show survive on ABC’s all-new Tuesday night lineup?