The Affair 1.01 Sneak Peeks: One Chance Encounter

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the affair

the affairNoah Solloway’s life seems about as normal as normal could be. He’s been married for nearly two decades, he has four children, and he works as a public school teacher; granted, he has a little extra money in his pocket due to a successful novel and the family has a place near the Hamptons that they like to stay at during the summer, but in many ways, Noah is very much the typical 40-something dad – just trying to make a living and find a little slice of silence in which to enjoy. But while he’s satisfied with where he’s at for the most part, a little part of him can’t help but feel unfulfilled with the routine that’s set into his life and wonder what would happen if he had made different choices.

On the series premiere of The Affair, Noah has an encounter with Alison, a waitress having trouble getting over a recent tragedy, on the first day of his summer jaunt to Montauk. Despite the attraction that he feels toward her, partially fueled by his own desperation to escape a particularly rough morning with the kids, Noah treats the experience as all that it was – a hungry family grabbing a bite to eat and a food service worker doing her job. However, once Noah runs into Alison for a second time, this time on the beach late one night, he begins to wonder whether fate is pushing him toward this woman for one reason or another. He’d never thought about stepping out on Helen, as he loves her deeply, their sex life is nothing to complain about, and he wouldn’t want to jeopardize the life they build together, but he knows that there’s something between him and Alison that he must explore or else he’ll always be wondering about what could have been.

The series premiere of The Affair airs Sunday, October 12th at 10:00 on Showtime. You can check out behind the scenes look at The Affair here and here, as well as seasonal trailers here and here.

Will you be watching The Affair? Is Noah going to come to regret giving in to his attraction to Alison? How long will it be before Noah goes too far and his life begins to suffer?