Baby Daddy Season 3 Spoilers: Riley Tries to Find Her Biological Father

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baby daddy

baby daddyRiley’s entire world was turned upside down when she learned that her mother Jennifer was really her aunt Jennifer and her aunt Margot was really her mother. Riley’s identity and sense of self were heavily shaped by Jennifer’s influence that learning that the woman she thought was her mother isn’t could really do some damage to who she thinks she is and how she views her past. Although Riley will have to deal with nearly three decades of betrayal and deception from those she loved and trusted the most, she now has an opportunity to learn about her past and find out who her biological parents really were. That is, if she’s able to track down her birth father.

Listed below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of the next two episodes of Baby Daddy.

Wednesday, April 23rd – “Livin’ On a Prom”
Bonnie is tired of not being appreciated for everything she does for the boys and Emma and decides to go on strike. When it’s quickly obvious they can’t survive without her, Ben realizes the best way back into his mom’s good graces is to take her to the Bon Jovi concert. But when Tucker unknowingly buys fake tickets, Bonnie must get through time in Bon Jovi jail, a tough security guard (Gary Anthony Williams), and a little dilemma in the green room if she hopes to meet her idol. Meanwhile, Riley and Danny return to their high school to chaperone prom and run into Vice Principal Peters (Kim Coles), who’s still inappropriately enamored with Danny.

Wednesday, April 30th – “From Here to Paternity”
Now that Riley knows the truth about Margot, she decides to find her biological father and uses her parents’ high school yearbook as a guide. With a little help from Ben, Riley narrows down the possible candidates to David (David DeLuise), the easygoing pastry chef, and Mark (Adam Harrington), the high-powered attorney. But despite some initial deception and old teenage rivalries resurfacing, Riley finally learns her father’s identity. Meanwhile, Tucker is not happy about his parents’ divorce and realizes the source of their problems is that Marshall (Philip Morris) is too uptight. But when Danny asks his mom to help Mr. Dobbs loosen up, Bonnie takes the challenge to a whole new level.

Baby Daddy airs Wednesdays at 8:30 on ABC Family.