Baby Daddy Season 3 Finale Spoilers: Ben and Riley Make a Discovery

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baby daddy

baby daddyThe only people who aren’t at least a little clued in to Danny’s feelings for Riley are Ben and Riley herself, as the former’s self-absorption and the latter’s bad experience with Wheeler men, as well as her inability to view Danny in another light, have kept them from seeing what was right in front of them. With Danny doing everything to keep from letting Riley know that he wants to be with her, this time due to her recent breakup with Philip and his new relationship with Georgie, it’s going to take her stumbling onto something that indicates that her best friend wants to be more than her friend and that she’s been oblivious about the state of their friendship for quite a long time.

Listed below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of the last four episodes of Baby Daddy‘s third season.

Wednesday, May 28th – “Baby Steps”
Ben can’t wait to see Emma take her first steps and tries everything to get her to toddle before he has to go to work. But when even the bribery of food doesn’t motivate his daughter to move, Ben reluctantly gives up and leaves. However, as luck would have it, Emma makes a beeline for Uncle Danny as soon as her father is out the door. As Bonnie, Tucker, Danny, and Riley scheme to make sure Ben doesn’t miss this major milestone, everyone reminisces about how far they’ve come as parents since the tot entered their lives.

Wednesday, June 4th – “Foos It or Lose It”
Bonnie decides to baby-proof the apartment and sells the foosball table to struggling fraternity Sigma Beta Kappa, unaware that Ben had been hiding money in the table for Emma’s college fund. Ben and Tucker pose as pledges in order to get the money back, but their fake identities cause more trouble than they’re worth. Meanwhile, Riley is not happy that Danny is dating Georgie (Mallory Jansen), especially because she blames the Brit for ending her relationship with Philip. But when Georgie secures Riley an interview for the in-house counsel job at Vogue, Riley begins to look at her rival in a new light – at least until she overhears Georgie admitting the interview was bogus. Riley can’t wait to tell Danny the truth about his deceptive girlfriend, but can she really break her best friend’s heart?

Wednesday, June 11th – “All Aboard the Love Train”
Riley plans to attend her family reunion in Orlando, but since she hates to fly, she decides to take the train instead. Ben realizes this trip is the perfect opportunity to rekindle their romance and volunteers to tag along. However, when Riley thinks he’s only after one thing, Ben manages to convince her that his feelings are genuine. Can she bring herself to trust him with her heart once again? Meanwhile, Tucker has the chance to be Mary Hart’s co-host and asks Bonnie for help with his audition tape. But when Mary decides to give Bonnie the job instead, Tucker is forced to play dirty in order to eliminate the competition.

Wednesday, June 18th – “You Can’t Go Home Again” (Season Finale)
Bonnie is livid when her former New Jersey neighborhood resurrects the Block Party Olympics that she created and declares war. Seeking vengeance like only Bonnie can, she drafts everyone to crash the gathering, win all the events and put an end to the party once and for all. While visiting the Wheelers’ old tree house, Riley and Ben are surprised when they find Danny’s childhood expression of love. Meanwhile, Danny learns Georgie (Mallory Jansen) is moving to Paris and realizes this could be the perfect opportunity to put some distance between himself and Riley. But given her recent discovery, what will Riley do when she learns Danny might be leaving? Is it too late for Riley and Danny to start a romantic relationship, or does her heart still belong to Ben?

Baby Daddy airs Wednesdays at 8:30 on ABC Family.