Looking 1.06 Sneak Peek: Patrick Introduces Richie to His Friends

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lookingWith Patrick not having much in the way of relationship experience, it’s no surprise that things with Richie were rocky before they spent the day together. The pressure he feels from his parents and society as a whole cause him to get so in his head that he ends up self-sabotaging, but the most important thing is that he’s learning to become more self-aware and cognizant of what he wants out of life. Rather than listen to his insecurities or talk himself out of liking Richie, someone he might not have initially seem himself with, he’s decided to follow his heart and lean into the connection that they share for the chance of finding something real.

On the next episode of Looking, Patrick introduces Richie to his friends and while reaction is generally positive/welcoming, Agustin makes it clear that he’s not happy. Whether that be due to jealousy over not being with Patrick himself or anxiety over Patrick finding a life where he won’t always be available, that type of resistance is likely to take the wind out of Patrick’s sails and cause him to rethink the confidence he found in his relationship with Richie. As much as he wants to be the type of unapologetic gay man who does as he pleases and doesn’t pay any mind to what people think, he’s not made that much progress yet and the idea that his friends won’t be supportive of Richie could lead him to overanalyze his new boyfriend’s flaws and try to decipher what it is that isn’t meshing well with his friends. But this would only end up being another example of Patrick’s aversion to happiness peeking through, as the thought of being in a serious relationship is scary for him and Agustin’s reaction might give him the push needed to revert back to his old habits and cocoon himself in a word of friends with benefits and OK Cupid personal ads.

Elsewhere on Looking, Dom’s relationship with Lynn becomes more cloudy, while CJ and Frank cross paths at Dom’s birthday picnic.

Looking airs Sundays at 10:30 on HBO.

Will Agustin’s reaction to Richie cause Patrick to doubt his relationship? Should Dom make a move on Lynn or keep things purely professional in nature? How will Frank react to meeting the infamous CJ?