Family Tree 1.03 Sneak Peeks: Tom Looks into the Life of His Grandfather

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family tree hboTom Chadwick has made some progress toward figuring out the history of his family on Family Tree. While things haven’t always been as he would have liked them (his great-grandfather ended up not being royalty, for example), he’s gotten a better understanding of his lineage and the choices his elders made that put him in the position he is today. But how much further will he have to research in order to have his first major epiphany?

On the next episode of Family Tree, Tom digs further into the life of his grandfather, a participant in the 1948 Austerity Games. Eventually, following a visit with William’s old friend Mildred and a chat with Mr. Pfister, he and Pete end up at the gym that William used to train at and begin questioning the patrons who actually knew him. Tom may be in the very beginning stages of rifling through the chest and piecing together his family history, but continued direct contact with people who knew his relatives is one of the surest ways for the puzzle pieces to come together quickly. While he doesn’t have a whole lot to go on right now aside from a few items and a sudden thirst for knowledge, in addition to a lack of direction that makes this an important quest to complete, Tom is continuing to clarify the picture of the Chadwick family and once completed, he might have the type of self-awareness that he never expected to find in a chest of curios.

Elsewhere on Family Tree, Bea and Monk audition for a performance slot at a children’s birthday party, as well as perform their first professional gig at a wedding reception, while Tom gets a better understanding as to why Victoria left him the mysterious box.

Family Tree airs Sundays at 10:30 on HBO. You can check out spoilers for upcoming episodes here and here.

Why do you think Victoria left Tom the box? What will Tom find out about William and the Austerity Games? How will Bea’s first gig with Monk go?