Baby Daddy Season 2: Spoilers for First Three Episodes

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baby daddy

baby daddyBen now has to prove to Riley that the moment they shared in the first season finale of Baby Daddy was real. Their friendship has thus far been characterized by insults and hooking up (with other people), but that all changed with one rooftop slow dance. Ben’s tasked with showing that he’s able to change, grow, and commit to one woman rather than continue to casually date, the latter of which he’s been unable to demonstrate – yet. Are Ben and Riley going to make the most of what happened after the wedding and find their way to one another? Or will things get in the way and keep them apart, perhaps for good?

Listed below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of the first three episodes of Baby Daddy‘s second season.

Wednesday, May 29th – “I’m Not That Guy”
Ben thinks he might like Riley and tries to convince her he’s changed his playboy ways. Riley invites Ben to be her date at a work party, but Ben’s efforts to prove he’s dependable fall short. Danny hopes to come to Riley’s rescue, but arrives only to find Riley getting friendly with another man (guest star Matt Dallas). Meanwhile, Tucker schemes to go out with a model, and Bonnie attempts to get to know a handsome stranger…with a little help from Emma.

Wednesday, June 6th – “There’s Something Fitchy Going On”
Ben discovers a shocking secret about Riley’s new beau, Fitch, and tries to warn her. Meanwhile, Bonnie accidentally sends a revealing message from Danny to Riley’s cell phone. Things heat up between Danny and his new model girlfriend, Milena, and Tucker pounces on an opportunity to shine with his boss, Chase (guest star Wayne Brady).

Wednesday, June 13th – “The Wheeler and the Dealer”
Ben discovers an endorsement opportunity for Danny with a new brand of Japanese energy drinks. Against Bonnie’s advice, Ben convinces Danny to sign the deal, but he must pick up the pieces when things go haywire at Danny’s commercial shoot. Meanwhile, Riley takes an interest in volunteering and accepts a job as a candy striper at the hospital. She doesn’t feel like she’s really making a difference, until a friend shows up in need of a little mouth-to-mouth.

The second season of Baby Daddy premieres tonight at 8:30 on ABC Family.

Will you be watching Baby Daddy this season? How long will we have to wait for Danny to hook up with Riley? In what ways will Ben have improved as a parent during the hiatus between seasons one and two?