The Cleveland Show 4.07 Sneak Peeks: Freight Train Adopts Robert

by Shilo Adams 1,099 views0

The Cleveland Show

The Cleveland ShowCleveland has never had a good relationship with Freight Train, but on the next episode of The Cleveland Show, that’ll be taken to another level. While on a trip to Vegas with Donna’s ex-husband Robert, Freight Train decides to “adopt” him as his son, thanks to how much of a good time they had gambling, drinking, and hanging out. This hurts Cleveland’s feelings, as he’s not a time like that with his father in his life and he wants the two to be close enough to where they could do something like a random trip to Vegas.

Pride aside, Cleveland goes to Robert for advice on how to impress Freight Train and get his attention. All Cleveland wants is validation from his father and to get that, he’ll have to get along with his “brother” and prove that he’s not bothered by the new family situation. Freight Train has proven that he doesn’t care about Cleveland’s feelings on anything; however, he knows that he has the power to control how his son feels. Without that control, their dynamic could dramatically shift for the better.

Elsewhere on The Cleveland Show, Rallo and Junior are in debt to Donna and have to figure out a way to pay her back. They come up with the idea to become “dog bounty hunters,” picking up lost poodles and returning them to their owners for reward money. While they might be able to pay their mother back, they could get a little too invested in their new identities and have to be pulled back from the brink by Donna.

The Cleveland Show airs Sunday at 7:30 on FOX.

Will Cleveland be able to talk to Freight Train about how the adoption of Robert makes him feel? How will Junior and Rallo take to being dog bounty hunters? Will Donna get all of her money back from her two sons?