The Cleveland Show 4.04 Sneak Peeks: Make It Work

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the cleveland show

the cleveland show

The Cleveland Show will be celebrating Thanksgiving for the second time in two weeks on Sunday, but how will these leftovers taste?

On the next episode of The Cleveland Show, Cleveland has decided to teach Junior the value of hunting for one’s own food. Even though the boy doesn’t want to harm anything, he’s taken to a local turkey farm to bring home the family Thanksgiving dinner. Only something goes wrong and a turkey accidentally shoots Cleveland, which has a surprising effect; the elder Brown has a change of heart and attempts to free the other birds at the farm. With the farmer close by and plenty of noise that could come from the animals, will Cleveland and Jr. make it out safe, sound, and (not) shot?


Elsewhere on The Cleveland Show, Donna and Rallo are making a float for the Stoolbend Thanksgiving Day Parade, but soon enough, things get a little tense. Rallo doesn’t agree with Donna’s traditional artistic vision for the float and begins adding different elements to make it stand out, including googly-eyes, pink paint, and bubble wrap. Donna, who is trying to show-up Arianna with the float, isn’t a fan and brings in Project Runway personality Tim Gunn to assess the situation. Unfortunately, he doesn’t agree with her distaste for the float, but it’s safe to say that the float will be changed.

Also featuring the voices of Bryan Cranston and John Slattery, The Cleveland Show airs Sunday at 9:30 on FOX due to the NFL double-header and subsequent post-game coverage lasting until 8:00. The show, which normally airs at 7:30, will replace American Dad for the week; the latter is off on Sunday before returning December 2nd.

Will Rallo end up getting his way with the parade float, no matter what Donna tries to do? Are you surprised at the turnaround from Cleveland regarding the turkey? What do you think about Tim Gunn’s cameo and would you like him to continue popping up on scripted shows as himself?