The Cleveland Show 4.06 Sneak Peeks: Merry Stoolbend Christmas

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The Cleveland Show

The Cleveland ShowIt’s easy to fall into the commercialism trap of the holiday season, but on the next episode of The Cleveland Show, Donna will be trying to break her children of their toy tunnel vision. When Roberta, Cleveland Jr., and Rallo all become demanding about material item they absolutely have to have under the tree come December 25th, Donna makes a condition of their holiday that they’ll receive presents if they give something back. Jr. and Rallo decide to go along with the idea, but Roberta’s desire for a Gucci purse isn’t strong enough for her to give away some of her clothes.

Rather, she takes a job as an elf at the mall to earn the purse herself, only her boss forces the female employees into provocative costumes. Tough-minded Roberta may want to do something on her own to prove herself to her mother, but even she can only stand so much and it’s only a matter of time before she quits for good or explodes on him. She does manage to do a little good in her time at the mall, though, as she gets Kendra to assume the role of Santa when it looked like there wouldn’t be one that year. Will that good karma get her the purse after all?

Meanwhile on The Cleveland Show, Cleveland has discovered that the food at the local homeless shelter is better than the food at home, so he decides to pretend to be homeless in order to keep eating there. The whole reason he was there in the first place was to help Cleveland Jr. and Rallo in their effort to give back, but once the people at the shelter find out that he’s not actually homeless, Cleveland will be the one receiving pay back.

Featuring guest-voices Nick Offerman, Rachel Dratch, and David Constabile, the winter finale of The Cleveland Show airs Sunday at 7:30 on FOX. The show will be resuming its current season on Sunday, January 13th.

Do you think that The Cleveland Show should be renewed for a fifth season? Is the idea of Kendra serving as Stoolbend Santa something you can get behind? Will Roberta, Cleveland Jr., and Rallo learn the value of charity and/or earning your own money?