Ben and Kate Review:”B-Squad”

by Erin Steinberg 768 views0

1632712407_2081904357001_1043166846-143-1357704030603B-Squad wasn’t really a favourite of mine this season but it was cute none the less. We got introduced to Wendy, BJ’s mother played by Dr. Quinn herself, Jane Seymour. The casting department deserves an A+ for this casting. BJ and Wendy’s scenes together were quite hilarious and even more hilarious Wendy and Buddy’s. Rob Corddry was back as Buddy and his scene with a lemon is something I really want to get out of my mind. Wendy even hit on Buddy in the hopes of sleeping with him. BJ was oddly proud. At one point I was imagining a spin off with Lucy Punch, Rob Corddry and Jane Seymour. I’m not really sure what they would all be doing but that threesome could just stand around and I’m sure it would be hilarious.

Was I the only one kind of grossed out by the bunk bed pizza idea? It’s just that there’s so much pizza on one slice. Of course you have to love Ben when he’s freaking out because his friend stole his bunk bed pizza idea. It turns out Ben sold it to his friend for 11 beers and his friend’s martial arts training manuals. Yup! that sounds like something Ben would do.

Poor Maddie, she was relegated to the b squad. What’s so bad about being in the b squad? I’m pretty sure I was in the b squad while I was in school. It’s great! You can fly underneath the radar and when you do something great everyone is proud of you because they didn’t expect it. Hey! I turned out pretty darn good considering. Anyways… you had to love Kate’s passion for wanting Maddie in the gifted program. Kate was perhaps a little too passionate considering she stole the gifted program’s curriculum.

You had to love Ben. He got carried away himself and stole the whole b squad. Who steals a bunch of kids? Ben Fox that’s who! He’s misguided sometimes, but I just love his passion. Unfortunately for the kids the trip to the planetarium didn’t work out so well. By the time they got there it was closed.  We did get a cute scene of all of the kids and Ben, Kate, BJ and Tommy all together on the golf course looking up at the stars and trying to recite the pledge of allegiance. Oh B squad!

Even though Maddie’s in the b squad I have a feeling she’s going to be just fine. She has so many people surrounding her that love and support her. This show mixes humour and sweet family moment so well. I just get all warm and tingly inside.