Ben and Kate: Jane Seymour to Play BJ’s Mom

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Jane Seymour Ben and Kate

Jane Seymour Ben and Kate

Dr. Quinn, Medicine…Mama?

According to TVLine, Ben and Kate will be welcoming Jane Seymour in an episode set to air in early 2013. Seymour is set to play BJ’s mother Wendy in the episode, with whom BJ has been withholding secrets from. Wendy, a pretentious middle-class woman, likely won’t take kindly to BJ’s less-than-glamorous lifestyle, so expect the two to have it out once everything’s on the table.

Although BJ may not be living a lifestyle that stands up to the ideals that her mother, I have a feeling that the two will come to some understanding by the end of the episode. Wendy’s attitude toward what BJ has been up to will likely be dulled by the fact that her daughter is happy where she is and surrounded by people that love her and help take care of her. It might not be the type of safety blanket that she had envisioned when her daughter was growing up, but BJ is going to be okay and that’s the most important thing.

Jane Seymour might be best known for her role as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman on the 90’s CBS show of the same name, but the veteran actress has appeared on the likes of Castle, Smallville, and How I Met Your Mother. Additional guest stars on Ben and Kate have included Geoff Stults, Jon Foster, and Rob Corddry, with David Hornsby set to appear in an upcoming episode as a friend of Ben’s that turned himself into a wealthy entrepreneur.

Based on an idea that Ben sold him many years ago, of course.

Ben and Kate airs Tuesdays at 8:30 on FOX. The show has been given an additional six episodes, bringing the episode order for its first season to 19.

Do you think that the casting choice for BJ’s mom is right on? What will happen once Wendy gets to see what BJ’s doing with her life? Will their relationship be helped by BJ’s secrets becoming known and everything being put on the table?