Ben and Kate Review: “Girl Problems”

by Erin Steinberg 635 views0

benandkategirlproblemsRail Mall is happening people! One of Ben’s crazy idea’s is actually happening. During Ben’s meeting at the bank the advisor told Ben he needed an experienced CEO for them to even consider giving him the large loan. Where would he find an experienced CEO? This is where his job at the golf club came in handy. Ben is one smart cookie for getting a job there. Sky Mall for trains is coming to fruition all because of Vera, a feisty business woman Ben met.  It turns out Vera wanted more than just business with Ben. Actually, all she wanted was sex from Ben. I felt so bad for Ben when Vera told him Rail Mall was a bad idea. Ben being Ben didn’t give up. He actually convinced her it was a good idea, so she was back on board. I can’t wait to see this crazy partnership evolve. I still don’t really get what Rail Mall is but I find it quite amusing.

How adorable were Lila and Tommy? If you missed some episodes, Lila, played by Brittany Snow is Tommy’s new girlfriend. How awkward must it have been for Lila hearing Tommy was in love with Kate for 10 years? Hearing it from Kate made it worse. Of course Kate didn’t know Lila didn’t know. Kate just figured Lila knew. I couldn’t stop laughing when Kate asked Lila out on a girl date. I can’t believe Kate pinched her. Kate isn’t just awkward around guys when she’s nervous, she’s awkward around girls too. I’m just glad everything worked out with Tommy and Lila. I adore Brittany Snow, so hopefully we get to see more of her character.

I know some people are highly critical of the show and I can sort of see where they are coming from. I try not to be critical of comedies. I use these types of shows as escapisms. I work all day long and when I come home I just want to relax and laugh in front of my television. I watch a lot more police dramas than I ever have before and I just need to let my brain escape. That’s what I do when I watch Ben and Kate. I don’t really take the show that seriously. I just want to laugh and if a show can do that, then its won me over. If it hasn’t, then there’s always the next week. This has been bothering me lately and I just wanted to share my feelings about this show.