Orphan Black Season 2 Finale Preview: Sarah Surrenders to Dyad

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orphan black

orphan blackSarah had always been on the defensive when it came to keeping Kira from falling into the clutches of Dyad. Rather than trying to break down the corporation from the inside out, she opted to hide her daughter away with her father and focus on curing Cosima, only to find out that Kira’s bone marrow provided the best chance for her sister to fully recover. Reluctantly, Sarah brought Kira back into the Clone Club fold not long after she found safety for her loved one; now, though, Sarah has to figure out a way to locate Rachel, as the so-called Pro Clone has nabbed Kira and taken her to an undisclosed location.

On the season finale of Orphan Black, Sarah and the rest of the Clone Club will be hot on Rachel’s trail looking for Kira. However, Rachel has access to resources and contacts that will prevent anyone from reaching her or Kira, meaning that the only way for Sarah to have a chance at seeing her daughter again is to surrender herself to Dyad. Whether that means playing possum and allowing the rest of the Clone Club to hit Rachel from another angle remains to be seen, but the previously rebellious Sarah, who fought so hard to keep herself and Kira from falling into the Dyad rabbit hole, will have to put her pride and unease aside in order to give herself the best opportunity to grab Kira. But will her efforts be enough to ensure the safety of her daughter?

Elsewhere on Orphan Black, Sarah meets a new ally and uncovers a terrifying new dimension to the clone conspiracy.

The second season finale of Orphan Black airs tonight at 9:00 on BBC America.

Do you think Sarah and the rest of the Clone Club will be able to rescue Kira from Rachel’s clutches? Who will be the new ally that helps Sarah find her daughter? What will be the new dimension to the clone conspiracy?