Orphan Black 2.09 Preview: Cosima Takes a Turn for the Worse

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orphan black

orphan blackSarah’s hand was forced when it was discovered that Dr. Leekie was dead. Beforehand, she was holding firm on her stance that she wouldn’t turn Kira or Professor Duncan over to Dyad, which said a lot about how deep her rebellious streak ran and the confidence she had in Cosima to crack the clones’ DNA sequence. However, once she learned just how bad a condition Cosima was in, Sarah knew that she had to relent, if not for Cosima than for the knowledge that Duncan could impart about the origins of the clones. But what will she do when she’s made privy to the seizure that Cosima suffered?

On tonight’s episode of Orphan Black, Cosima takes a turn for the worse after the incident in the lab and it seems that Professor Duncan, no matter his intelligence or proximity to the creation of the clones, might not be enough to save her. Sarah, ever the protector of her sisters, is then forced to take desperate measures that will have tragic consequences for those she loves and make her question her role in the Clone Club. Ever since she became aware of her status as a clone, Sarah has been the leader of Clone Club, the one whose confidence Cosima and Alison fed off of and whose bravery kept them in the fight long after the other two would’ve surrendered. If she’s bringing destruction to the only people she loves, though, will Sarah opt to cut her ties with Cosima and Alison and head off on her own once again?

Elsewhere on Orphan Black, the Proletheans set their ultimate plan into motion, while Alison and Donnie tangle with the law and attempt to cover up Dr. Leekie’s murder.

Orphan Black airs tonight at 9:00 on BBC America.

Do you think Orphan Black could conceivably kill off Cosima? Will the rebellion in the Prolethean camp keep their ultimate plan from coming to fruition? Are Alison and Donnie going to be able to cover up Leekie’s murder and keep the law from beating down their door?