The Tomorrow People Spoilers: John Disobeys Cara’s Orders

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the tomorrow peopleThough he was banished from the Tomorrow People’s lair by Cara for disrespecting her position as leader, John isn’t going away anytime soon, not when he’s dedicated his life to protecting his people and keeping Ultra at bay. Whatever he may feel toward Cara, John will always put the safety and well-being of the Tomorrow People ahead of her and since they’re not anywhere near being through with Ultra, he’s going to be lurking in the shadows, trying to guide his people toward the right path. In doing so, there will continue to be disagreements with how Cara opts to rule and the next major one might get John a fate worse than exile.

Listed below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of the next two episodes of The Tomorrow People.

Wednesday, February 26th – “Brother’s Keeper”
After getting some shocking news, Stephen (Robbie Amell) attempts to restore order in both his worlds by making a deal with Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino). With a new break-out on the loose, Cara (Peyton List) and Russell (Aaron Yoo) try to lure him in but must contend with a trap from Ultra. Meanwhile, Jedikiah is closer to developing a new secret technology that could change his future.

Wednesday, March 5th – “Enemy of My Enemy”
Julian (guest star James Mackay) is back and angrier than ever, but when he gets caught by Ultra he is forced to strike a deal that could cost his and Stephen’s lives. John (Luke Mitchell) once again disobeys Cara’s orders when he learns the Julian has discovered the location of the Tomorrow People’s lair. Meanwhile, Astrid (Madeleine Mantock) is plagued by nightmares after her near-death experience and turns to her new friend John for some comfort.

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesdays at 9:00 on The CW.

What type of deal will Julian strike with Ultra? How will John help Astrid deal with her nightmares? Could Jedikiah be developing a weapon capable of wiping the Tomorrow People off the map?