Being Mary Jane Season Finale Preview: Should Mary Jane Go After David?

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being mary jane

being mary janeEven though Mary Jane wanted to make things work with Andre, the differences between them and how complicated their situation was proved to be too much for her to handle and she broke things accordingly. They might have a strong connection between them and similar ideas of where they want to be in life, but timing was not on their side from the beginning, as Andre was still drowning in marital issues and Mary Jane grew tired of playing second fiddle in her own relationship. As emotionally draining as the past few months have been for her, Mary Jane is going to have to take a breath following her latest round of relationship drama and try to find a sense of peace that will help her heal from the wounds she recently suffered.

On the season finale of Being Mary Jane, there’s the little matter of David hanging over Mary Jane’s head. Arguably, their conversation at the gala was the leading facilitator in her breakup with Andre, despite David also revealing that he was seeing someone, and they have unfinished business between them that has to be resolved before Mary Jane can truly move on. While the majority of her time has been spent with Andre, David was a big part of the complication in Mary Jane’s love life and without a button being put on their time together, there are going to be questions that linger whenever she thinks about or sees him. Was she wrong for letting him go when she did? Is he in the right emotional/mental place to pursue a serious relationship? Could she handle coming between another man and his significant other?

Elsewhere on Being Mary Jane, Lisa’s friendship with Mary Jane is put to the test over Niecy, while Talk Back is suspended and Mary Jane struggles to put the pieces back together after breaking things off with Andre.

The two-hour season finale of Being Mary Jane airs Tuesday at 9:00 on BET.

Should Mary Jane go after David, even though he’s seeing someone right now? Who do you think Mary Jane will end up with at the end of the finale – David, Andre, or nobody? Could there be trouble brewing for Niecy’s pregnancy?