Being Mary Jane 1.05 Preview: Mary Jane Attends the Gala

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being mary jane

being mary janeOne of the major drawbacks of being with Andre before the divorce from Avery gets finalized is that Mary Jane cannot be seen in public with the man she loves. With how prominent a media figure she is in Atlanta and how she hasn’t told her family about the relationship, there’s no way that the two can be seen arm-in-arm at one of the city’s premiere event, let alone something as simple as a lunch date or an afternoon movie. As much as Mary Jane may love Andre and be willing to stick by his side through the divorce, things are going to get worse before they get better.

On the next episode of Being Mary Jane, Mary Jane attends the gala and runs into David in the process. Had this type of meeting occurred in the not-so-distant past, her reaction might have been something positive, provided he atone for sleeping with other women on the side, but now that she has Andre waiting in the wings, Mary Jane doesn’t need David in her life. Though she may be lonely, she doesn’t want to be with someone who unapologetically sleeps with someone on the side and makes her look like a fool, meaning that her time at the event is going to be less celebratory and more awkward and tense. But will Mary Jane reconsider her position on David if he comes to her with promises of love, commitment, and togetherness? Or is she going to remain faithful to Andre as he gets his affairs in order?

Elsewhere on Being Mary Jane, Paul Sr. pleases Helen with a platinum table and Mary Jane makes a big decision at work.

Being Mary Jane airs Tuesdays at 10:00 on BET.

How will Mary Jane handle seeing David at the gala? Is this the time when her family becomes aware of her affair with Andre? What type of major decision will she be faced with while dealing with a mountain of personal drama?