Helix 1.05 Sneak Peek: Balleseros Receives His Next Orders

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HelixNow that Balleseros has destroyed the communication satellite at the base and killed the lone vet pathologist who could suss out the origins of the virus, it seems that whatever orders he was under to suppress the truth from coming out have been complete. There’s no way that anyone working at the base can rebuild the satellite, especially in the type of brutal cold that surrounds them, and there might be too much time between supply drops for those infected to survive, meaning that all evidence of the virus could conceivably die off before anyone catches on to what the base is really doing. But has Balleseros earned himself a trip him for all the work he’s put into keeping the virus spreading?

On the next episode of Helix, Balleseros sets the field of frozen monkeys ablaze and contacts his superior with the intention of getting airlifted out. However, he’s not quite completed his mission, as those above him want him to find and collect Dr. Hvit, someone he hasn’t heard of. Balleseros will now have to reenter the base and try to stay mum on what happened in the lab with Doreen, intentionally avoiding putting himself out there as a possible suspect long enough to find Dr. Hvit and convince them to come along for the ride back to the United States. However, the base isn’t exactly going to look over the loss of one of their own and the magnifying glass over the hours leading to her death will be glaring as ever, meaning that there’s an increased risk of Balleseros having his cover blown before he can locate Dr. Hvit. Can Balleseros keep himself hidden from the collective sight of the angered masses long enough to safely remove himself from the base?

Elsewhere on Helix, paranoia and anger grow within the base following the discovery of the latest casualty.

Helix airs Fridays at 10:00 on Syfy.

Who do you think Balleseros is really working for? Why has he been instructed to find another doctor by this mysterious big bad? How bad will things get at the base when the body is found in the lab?