The Tomorrow People 1.10 Sneak Peek: Has Ultra’s Secret Research Facility Been Found?

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the tomorrow people

the tomorrow peopleFor years, the Tomorrow People heard about a secret off-site Ultra research facility that was created to test the powers of those breakouts that were captured, albeit through practices like deprivation and mutilation. Not everyone believed in the seemingly tall tale that was used to scare new breakouts into staying in line, but it turns out that not only does the facility exist, it’s still fully operational. Though it likely has a seemingly endless security team and ways of ensuring that Tomorrow People won’t be able to user their powers to escape, would it necessarily be a bad move to try and release those currently held in captivity?

On the next episode of The Tomorrow People, Cara and John, who knew about the existence of the facility due to it housing the Annex Project, decide to break into the facility and continue their mission to keep all Tomorrow People from falling into the clutches of Ultra. In addition to bolstering their ranks and doing their part to save their people from certain death, they would be able to get revenge on Jedikiah for all that he’s put them through by showing that they’re powerful enough to find and infiltrate the secret facility without losing any of their own. It would be as much a moral victory as a numbers victory, one that allows Cara to seize control of more missions and one that gives the Tomorrow People the type of confidence they need going forward.

Elsewhere on The Tomorrow People, Stephen thinks he’s found a clue about what happened to his father, while Marla introduces Stephen and Luka to a new man that she’s dating, someone who Stephen has a difficult time in getting a read on.

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesdays at 9:00 on The CW.

What do you think The Tomorrow People will find at Ultra’s research facility? Is Stephen merely running on hope when it comes to information about his father? Could the new man that Marla’s dating be a rogue Tomorrow person?