Getting On 1.05 Preview: Dawn Looks for Comfort After an Unsettling Evening

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getting on

getting onEven though Patsy’s sexuality is still a hanging chad around Billy Barnes, Dawn has made no secret of the fact that she wants to see where this thing between them goes. The two may have already hooked up and the professional boundaries that separate them could ultimately prove to be too much to deal with, but she still has the desire to go out on dates with Patsy and get to know the man he is away from work. Dawn wants something to look forward to and someone to be a consistent, positive presence in her life and she’s willing to overlook the pitfalls associated with dating a co-worker in exchange for the chance of really connecting with Patsy and finding the right man who has been eluding her all along.

On the next episode of Getting On, an evening with Patsy turns south fairly quickly and Dawn is left tipsy and all dressed up with nowhere to go in the lounge. To occupy herself and keep from going home and getting down on the situation, she spends her time in the ward looking for stopgap comforts, only to quickly become a distraction to those working that night. With DiDi still needing evidence of Patsy’s heterosexuality and Dawn not being in the right mind, there’s a chance that the latter will be spilling her guts about everything going on with her fledgling inter-office relationship, possibly to the point of providing the evidence for DiDi herself, not thinking that her new friend would turn on Patsy like that. However, DiDi must do anything she can to keep her position at the hospital and avoid having to take the 18-hour course required in offenses like this, so if it means having a tiff with Dawn and getting Patsy in some trouble, then she’s okay with that.

Elsewhere on Getting On, DiDi’s serene nightshift gets interrupted by several visitors, while Jenna dreams of a fresh start in Cleveland and an elderly tourist shows off her gymnastics skills.

Getting On airs Sundays at 10:00 on HBO.

Could this be the end of Dawn’s attraction to/infatuation toward Patsy? How will DiDi handle the interruptions during her nightshift? Is Jenna ever going to escape the clutches of Billy Barnes?