The White Queen Spoilers: The Rebellion Against Edward Grows

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The White Queen

The White QueenWith the crowning of King Edward IV, the House of York has seized control of England circa 1464. However, just because Kingmarker Lord Warwick has managed to secure the crown for his people doesn’t mean that the country is over being as fractured as it was prior to the beginning of the young boy’s rule. If anything, it’s made the House of Lancaster that much more motivated to find a way to take Edward out and put one of their own in control of the country, especially since Elizabeth Woodville has changed her allegiance from Lancastrian to Yorkian due to her marriage to Edward. Coming up on The White Queen, the rebellion against Edward only grows in size and scope, including a one Margaret Beaufort, convinced that her son will have a chance at the throne without Edward standing in his way.

Listed below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of the first three episodes of The White Queen.

Saturday, August 10th – “In Love with the King”
Historical drama about three women maneuvering to become queen of England begins in 1463, as a secret wedding between a commoner and a royal leads to some regal intrigue.

Saturday, August 17th – “The Price of Power”
After Elizabeth’s coronation, Edward desires a son to solidify his reign, but court tensions escalate into war and he’s forced to fight those closest to him to keep his crown. Meanwhile, Elizabeth deals with the full force of Warwick’s hatred.

Saturday, August 24th – “The Power”
To further her son’s claim to the throne, Margaret Beaufort joins Warwick’s rebellion against Edward, but when the insurrection is thwarted, the traitors flee for their lives, with Jasper Tudor going into exile, while Warwick and George sail to France.

The series premiere of The White Queen airs Friday, August 9th at 10:00 before reairing the following day at 8:00 and moving into the Saturdays at 9:00 time slot on August 17th. You can check out an overview of the series here, as well as an additional trailer here.