The White Queen Trailer: You Will Know Loss

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the white queen

the white queenStarz has released the first full trailer for The White Queen, its upcoming drama based on Philippa Gregory’s four-novel series on The Cousins’ War. The show follows three women who have laid claim to the English throne in the year 1464 and the paths they’re willing to go down to achieve their goals of glory, power, and social dominance. They’ll all have to fight through the feud between the House of York and the House of Commons, two sides of the same family that are battling for control of the throne and the decisions that could make or break England. York ultimately wins out when Edward IV is shepherded to the title, but he goes against all that he’s been taught when he falls in love with Elizabeth Woodville, a Lancastrian commoner who undermines Edward’s handlers and causes dissention within the Yorkian ranks. But does Elizabeth actually love Edward or is her own desire for power fueling their union?

Edward’s victory isn’t seen as the end, though. In fact, the other two women in the hunt (Elizabeth’s toughest rival Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville, pawn in her father’s game of political chess) are more determined than ever to bring down Elizabeth and, by extension, Edward and the control that the House of York has over the country. The only problem, aside from Elizabeth’s desire to keep her position for as long as possible, is that Edward’s camp is going to be on high alert due to his disobedience of their orders to avoid ties to the Lancasters; Margaret and Anne will have to be as cunning, manipulative, and shrewd as ever to make the moves necessary to topple Edward, all the while avoiding detection – until it’s too late for him to reverse the progress they’ve already made toward a new Lancaster dynasty.

The White Queen stars the likes of Rebecca Ferguson (Nya tider), Janet McTeer (Albert Nobbs), Max Irons (Red Riding Hood), David Oakes (The Borgias), and James Frain (The Tudors).

The White Queen premieres Saturday, August 10th at 9:00 on Starz. You can check out a sneak peek of the period drama here.

Does the trailer make you more excited for the show? Have you read the book series that The White Queen is based on? If so, are you confident that the material will translate well to the screen?