Defiance Season Finale Preview: Who Will Be the One to Die?

by Shilo Adams 627 views0


defianceWhen you put seven Votan races together in one town and throw in some humans for good measure, there’s bound to be conflicts, especially since Defiance is self-sufficient enough to where its leader doesn’t have to answer to anyone. That may be a net-positive of the arrangement, that they have the ability to fix things themselves should something go wrong, but it makes the political jostling in the town all the more tense, as what’s on the line is more than a mayoral position. It’s control of a booming boom-town and it’s the opportunity to potentially change the face of Defiance through the decisions that you make; while the latter may pack a lot of pressure on its own, the election results are made even more meaningful by the presence of the E-Rep and the chance that the town falls apart under a Datak Tarr administration.

On the next episode of Defiance, Amanda and Datak are locked in a fierce power struggle as the citizens of Defiance cast their votes for mayor. The future of the town depends on the choice its residents make and they certainly have a lot to weigh while in the voting booths – Amanda’s association with Nolan, Datak’s time in The Hollows, the role the E-Rep could play in either victory, whether a human emerging victorious could inflame the Votans, etc. Unsurprisingly, Datak is pulling out every last trick in his vast bag of ideas to sandbag Amanda and pull out the victory, but would he resort to murder to attain the office he so desperately seeks? If so, which citizen of Defiance will be in the most danger of being taken out by the Castithan?

Elsewhere on Defiance, Nolan has a violent confrontation with his military past, while Irisa has to decide whether or not to accept her destiny as the chosen one.

The season finale of Defiance airs Monday at 9:00 on Syfy.

Who do you think will die on the season finale of Defiance? Will Amanda or Datak win the election? Is Irisa ready to accept her destiny?