Defiance Season 2 Preview: Nolan Searches for Irisa

by Shilo Adams 683 views0


defianceSyfy has released an extended preview for the second season of western/science fiction hybrid Defiance. In it, we see Nolan traversing the country looking for Irisa after her disappearance, a journey that takes him to New Chicago and Angel Arc Los Angeles. The world being the way it is, though, he only runs into trouble once he crosses into cities that aren’t his and soon he’s in as much danger of not making it back to Defiance as he was of not finding Irisa.

However, it’s not as if Defiance is in such great shape, not after the E-Rep takeover that has taken the freedom that the town formerly known as St. Louis once enjoyed. With the appointment of calculating, ambitious mayor Niles Pottinger, Earth Republic has the perfect face for their cause leading the way for Defiance, a man who will toe the company line while being strong and savvy enough to handle any potential coup that comes his way. Part of the appeal of Defiance is that anyone and everyone can come to try and make a life for themselves, but in order to get the town back from E-Rep, the citizens of Defiance are going to have to forget the (sometimes) vast difference between them and band together in support of a common cause.

The second season of Defiance premieres tonight at 8:00 on Syfy.

Will you be watching the second season of Defiance? How long will it take Nolan to locate Irisa and bring her back to Defiance? Can the residents of Defiance band together and successfully bring down the E-Rep?