Defiance 1.11 Preview: The Election Campaign Heats Up

by Shilo Adams 502 views0


DefianceControl of Defiance is up for grabs and with it, the destiny of the boom-town built on St. Louis. Amanda thought that she wouldn’t have any opponents in the upcoming mayoral election and that she’d have the time to learn how to lead, but Datak’s sudden entry into the race has thrown her political future into doubt, especially with the good PR he got from the plague. Thus far in her turn as mayor, Amanda has only been seen as filler for the next “real” leader to displace in the next election, never able to get out of Nicky’s shadow no matter what she did, and unless she finds a way to prove that she’s the right person for the town, she could be out of office before she knows it.

On the next episode of Defiance, it’s not Amanda’s lack of credentials that have the town up in arms on the eve of election. It’s their lawman Nolan, as his involvement in an accident has cast doubts on whether he’s the right man for the job and whether Amanda’s association with him has been troubling for the town. Nolan’s shoot-first-ask-questions-later way of doing his job has finally reached a breaking point, in that the town is tired of dealing with the constant threat of violence and the misunderstanding of Votan ways, so in this time of change, they might decide to get rid of both him and Amanda and start over with two new town leaders. Can he convince the citizens of Defiance that he’s the right man to protect them, even with the accident and the incidents that have defined his time as lawman?

Defiance airs Mondays at 9:00 on Syfy. The season finale is set for July 8th.

Will Nolan ultimately cost Amanda the election? Is it wise for Kenya to threaten to expose Stahma to her husband? What would Defiance look like if Datak were to win the election and run the town?