Tonight on Secret Life of the American Teenager “It’s a Miracle”

by Carissa Pavlica 984 views0

tslotat_s5ep14-1Secret Life of The American Teenager has been one of the most frustrating series I’ve ever watched, but for the first four years, I was hooked. Now it’s come down the final season and the final episodes, and I admit – I need to watch to find out if Amy and Ricky will end up together. I suffered through the horrible acting, the ridiculous story lines and the entire lack of secrets in the lives of all of the teenagers on this show so that I could see them together, and dammit if I won’t see that happen!

Well, guess what? Now that they’ve already been playing at marriage for most of Season 5, as their real wedding is approaching they’re getting cold feet. I’m finally facing that there is a possibility they may co-parent and go their separate ways. Check out these sneaks and be sure to catch “It’s a Miracle” tomorrow night on ABC Family at 8E/7C.

In this clip, Ricky admits he doesn’t want to get married to Amy. Not because he doesn’t love her, but because he loves her too much to marry someone who doesn’t love him back. I say – this can’t be happening!!

Remember the ridiculous stories I said I sat through to see Amy and Ricky together? Jack finding God after years of questioning his power is one of them. Thinking God would choose to heal his bones early so that he can play football is ludicrous. To think that Grace is the rational one in this scenario is the true miracle.

Is Adrian getting proposed to AGAIN? We learned last week that Omar knows wedding dresses, maybe he can find her a cheap one a the thrift store like Amy found hers.

Alright kiddos…the end is near. Will Ricky and Amy ever make it down the aisle for real, or will the only wedding be Adrian’s? Will I have wasted five years of my time watching kids learn to act? Thought welcome!