Homeland Season 3 Plans Revealed

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The Homeland season 2 finale seemed to project a pretty good idea of what season 3 would be about, right?  Carrie (Claire Danes) fighting to clear Brody’s name so that they could be together.  At the same time it projected a definite sense of distance between these characters, with Brody riding Carrie’s underground railroad to freedom and anonymity, while Carrie returns to Saul and his promise of not only a renewed position within the CIA, but a position higher in rank.  Things never looked so fragile between the two.  In a recent conference call,  Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa revealed some shocking details on their plan for Homeland’s third season that really blew anything we might be thinking out of the water.

Number One – Brody Might Not Even Return

Brody’s status will be a shadow looming large over season 3 of Homeland.  The Executive Producers admitted that if things had gone as they planned, Brody would have died towards the end of the season.  In the back of Quinn’s limo, I would presume.  “It would’ve [alleviated] the possibility of having Brody come back at a later time, which I think is a nice idea hanging over the next season,” Gansa said. “Where is Brody? What’s he doing? [He could come] back later in a new incarnation or in a new way.”

Number Two – Crazy Carrie Makes a Comeback?

Speaking of shadows, Carrie’s bi-polar was far less of an issue this season than last and strangely enough it might have been more obvious in her failures than her successes.  Remember it was in her mania that Carrie did her best work, organizing that cacophony of information that ultimately held a logic that yielded important clues.   The showrunners suggested that Carrie’s failure to see Nazir’s larger plan might have been caused by the dulling effect of her Bi-Polar meds, suggesting that Carrie herself might reach this conclusion.

Number Three – Brody Guilty?

While not stated definitely, it is suggestions that Carrie’s view of Brody’s guilt may shift throughout the third season.  Is this the result of paranoia as she goes off her meds, or will new information emerge to suggest Brody really was involved.

Number Four – No More Terrorism?

Unlike season 1 and 2, season 3 will not deal with a terrorist bent on attacking the United States.  The showrunners said they are seek and new “Propulsive Thriller Trope” to use as the basis of season 3.

Number Five – More Quinn

Quinn will absolutely be a part of season 3.  Will he be a regular?  no word on that.

So what do you think?  Is a season 3 of Homeland without the Brody and Carrie dynamic?  Could a Carrie/Quinn romance fill the void?  Expect the unexpected.