Gossip Girl Review: “The Revengers”

by Erin Steinberg 586 views0

RevengersI’m finally starting to enjoy Gossip Girl again and just my luck the series finale is next week. I have to say, I was quite frightened of Bart this episode. The man totally creeps me out, but tonight I actually feared him. I honestly didn’t put it past him to try and kill Chuck. When Chuck said he didn’t believe Bart would ever kill his own son, I actually paused and thought to myself: “Is Chuck for real?” Bart threatened Blair’s safety, and he had Nate arrested for fraud just so he could ship Chuck off to Moscow in exchange for Nate’s release from jail. Bart Bass is pure evil. Have we forgotten this man faked his own death? That is why when he was hanging on for dear life on that balcony ledge I hoped he would fall to his demise. Who would have thought that scene would be the final showdown between Chuck and Bart? To be honest, it was a bit cheesy. I wouldn’t have chosen that background music, but who am I?

A musical moment done right was the scene with Dan telling Serena he still loved her. Ellie Goulding’s “Hanging On” playing in the background was perfect and hit all the right emotions. That’s one of the things I’m really going to miss about this show, the music. Alexandra Patsavas and her team are geniuses’ and I’ve been enjoying her music selections ever since The O.C. and Chuck. I’m still really annoyed at Dan and I’m not even convinced he still loves Serena but to see him grovel feels quite good.

Before Bart’s demise, he was being honoured at a Man of the Year Gala. Nobody does an event like Gossip Girl, but even I had to chuckle at that one. Wasn’t this man “dead” for the better part of the year? It was a fabulous way to get everyone together, scheming of course. Blair and Chuck came up with an plan but they needed Serena. Serena got Ivy involved then Sage came into the picture and it wouldn’t be a scheme without Georgina. I have to say, when Ivy, Sage and Georgina were all standing at the Gala together the word spinoff totally came flying out of my mouth. Brilliant, no?

My heart really started to crumble into a million little pieces when a news report came out saying the Bass plane was missing. Supposedly the same one Chuck was on. It had Bart’s stench all over it. The writer’s couldn’t be seriously with this one could they? Good thing it was all part of the master plan. While Dan was supposed to introduce Bart to the podium he revealed Chuck instead. Chuck revealed Bart tried to have him killed. I got so angry when Bart said Chuck had a substance abuse problem. What else could he say though? “Yeah, it’s true. I totally tried to have my son killed because he’s trying to take me down for the illegal things I’ve done.”

We did get a really great Blair and Serena moment out of this. They truly are the nucleus of this show. I’m going to miss these moments when the series ends. Despite all the craziness this show has produced, one of the many things I’ve loved about this show is the relationships the characters have had with each other.

So the stage has been set for the series finale next week. Nate is going to start looking for Gossip Girl again. I for one am thrilled! I hope next week they pull out all the stops!