Gossip Girl Review: Save the Last Chance

by Erin Steinberg 481 views0

With 3 episodes left, I’m really worried how the show is going to end. I have no idea the direction this show is going in. The good thing is that Gossip Girl is feeling like the show of old and I’m actually excited to watch.

Save the Last Chance had backstabbing, blackmail and a couple of O-M-GEE moments. One of the best things to come out of this episode was Serena fighting for her friendship with Blair. Serena seemed to have her ducks in a row this episode. She’s always been the character I’ve championed over the years. Blake Lively plays Serena so well, I really cannot picture any other actress in the role.

Things started off with Dan and Serena back together in bed. Dan actually came off looking less of a douche than usual. Dan and Serena came to the conclusion that they needed to make amends with the people they have wronged. I was actually quite happy Dan and Serena got back together. My joy was crushed into a million little pieces at the end of the episode. It was revealed Dan is writing a Serena chapter and is double crossing her. I actually yelled out a few profanities that shall not be repeated.

Elsewhere in Gossip Girl land, Ivy told Bart and Chuck she had what they were looking for. It’s no secret Ivy wants Lily destroyed and will do pretty much anything to make that happen. My O-M-GEE moment of the night came when it was revealed William and Ivy were hooking up. Holy plot twist Batman! I honestly did not see that coming. I found it pretty disgusting that William would be hooking up with a girl young enough to be his daughter. I really hope he has something up his sleeve because that is just wrong.

Despite everything that has happened, I really liked that Lily went to Rufus to plead her case. Of course it didn’t work, but it was a nice scene. After the meeting, Rufus spotted Ivy on the street kissing William goodbye. Rufus didn’t realize it was William though and was visibly crushed. Honestly Rufus, did you really think this was true love? Give this man a waffle stat! Rufus redeemed himself in my eyes though. He ended up taking the microfilm from Ivy and brought it to Lily, essentially screwing Ivy over. Dan texted Chuck that Lily was now in possession of the evidence against Bart. Chuck tried to persuade her to give it to him but she tossed it in the fire instead. My heart sank for Chuck. I really wanted him to come out on top this time against his father.

There were so many betrayal moments that the light funny moments were extremely welcomed. The 5 families meeting made me laugh so hard. Blair wanted to succeed with her new clothing line so much she was willing to do a little scheming like always. Serena was the one to actually come up with the plan. The plan was to make Blair’s line the “it” look for Sage and other students but they needed Sage on board. In order for that to happen, they needed Sage to think Serena and Steven were getting back together. Sage was wise to the dupe and decided not to go along with the plan. I was really happy things ended up going Blair’s way when the students actually loved her clothing line and she everything sold out.

The heartbreaking moment of the night for me was the Blair and Chuck scene at the end. I truly believe the writers hate us. They better make it up to us Chair shippers, because I am extremely frustrated with the direction they are going in. Blair is finally a success and she still doesn’t have Chuck by her side. We all know Chair is endgame but I really hope they don’t wait until the last scene of the series to get them together.