Gossip Girl Review: Where the Vile Things Are

by Erin Steinberg 481 views0

I want to love Gossip Girl, I really do. There was a time when I couldn’t get enough of it. I guess with most things, over time our feelings change. The show doesn’t seem to flow as well as it used to. The last 20 minutes though were the best and I felt that same magic I used to feel.

So let’s start at the beginning. Eleanor is back because Blair has pretty much destroyed her company. Eleanor wants Blair’s deviant side to go away. All of a sudden Eleanor cares? Where has she been all these years? Eleanor came up with a perfect solution. She wants Blair to make amends with Nelly Yuki. Obviously Blair isn’t going to do that so Eleanor takes back her company from Blair. I never understood why Eleanor gave her the company to being with. Why couldn’t Blair work with Eleanor and learn the business properly? It was mentioned in this episode that Blair is a bully. How have I never really noticed this before? She really is a bully. Blair has always been my favorite character so I guess I’ve always dismissed her bullying. Blair surprised me though. She actually used this to her advantage and came up with a brilliant idea for a clothing line. This is the Blair I love and the show I love.

Chuck’s storyline is getting a little stale. Don’t get me wrong, bruiting Chuck is pretty hot but I need some substance. This illegal oil business is getting boring. Can’t it end so we can move on? There’s only 4 episodes left! The thing I loved the most was Nate and Chuck playing detectives. This show works best when the characters are working together for a cause. Of course things didn’t go according to plan and Chuck was stuck looking like the fool once again. Can’t this guy win for a change?

Ivy and Rufus, the gruesome twosome as I’m calling them now, were scheming to cancel Lily’s charity event. Please somebody give Ivy a cough drop! With Ivy’s new found money she purchased all of the paintings being used in the exhibit and replaced them with the art from Rufus’s gallery. Lily was none too please but what other choice did she have? This was for charity, so she had no choice but to go along with it. To be perfectly honest, I blocked out this storyline but Lily did have a few zingers towards Ivy. “Vile little interloper” and “Gypsy trash.”

Things got a bit interesting with the personal painting Lily put up for auction. Turns out, Bart’s paperwork for the illegal oil purchases were in the back of the painting. Chuck, Lily and Ivy were all bidding on the painting. While they were all bickering Rufus swept in and had the highest bid and won. Chuck still working with Ivy, convinced her to sell him the painting. When she had it delivered to his room, Chuck and Nate looked for the papers. Much to their surprise, nothing was there. The next sequences were quite interesting. We see Ivy on a mysterious phone call with the evidence in hand and Lily on the phone with Bart implying she knows about the oil deals.

Now for my one time favorite couple on this show, Dan and Serena. They seemed to be friends again, which is good. They went to the same bar they went on their first date and they even got stuck in an elevator again. I actually missed these two getting along and I’m happy they seem to be making their way back to each other. There’s no doubt Dan and Serena’s chemistry is still there. I’m looking forward to seeing where this storyline takes us.

With 4 episodes left and the show feeling like the days of old, I’m getting excited again. Here’s hoping Chuck and Blair can now get their act together.