Treme 3.10 Preview: The Sum of All Fears

by Shilo Adams 467 views0


tremeThis season on Treme, Janette had to make a choice as to what kind of chef she wanted to be. Although she has had quite a bit of experience running her own restaurant and working with some of the greats of the business, Janette isn’t concerned with becoming the next big thing in cooking anytime soon. She wants to be able to run her kitchen the way that she deems fit, serve a variety of food to a small unit of loyal customers, and be proud of the work that she did at the end of the day.

However, she decided to open up a fairly big restaurant with a backer that she had never met before; at first, it wasn’t much of a problem, as Tim made sure to roll the red carpet out for her. But in recent weeks, Janette’s initial joy at her new situation began to dissipate, as Tim didn’t have the business savvy that she thought and would rather spend his time interviewing pretty, inexperienced women wanting to be waitresses.

But tonight on Treme, it all comes to a head when Janette volunteers to throw a benefit for Gigi’s, which sets him off. Janette hasn’t been happy in a while at the restaurant, so will this be a way for her to go back to a more humble establishment?

Elsewhere on Treme, LaDonna begins putting the pieces back together after the fire at Gigi’s, Toni and L.P. may have found a way to get the Abreu case prosecuted, Davis quits the music industry entirely with the help of Cheeky Blakk, and Annie’s album comes out.

The 75-minute third season finale of Treme airs tonight at 10:00 on HBO. The show has already been renewed for a fourth and final season, currently in production and scheduled to feature five episodes.

What have you thought about the third season of Treme? Do you think that Davis can quit the music industry for good and continue to live in the city? Will the Abreu case end up being prosecuted, rewarding Toni and L.P.’s collected effort?