Homeland Review: I’ll Fly Away

by Carissa Pavlica 591 views0

The most intense moment of “I’ll Fly Away” was when Brody lost it, screaming “I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t!” at Jessica. We knew when he was turned into a double agent that it was going to be difficult, but add in all of his family issues, the Carrie entanglement and the debacle at Gettysburg and Brody’s thread’s had unraveled. There was literally nothing left holding him together. He walked out on Roya, walked away from Jessica and into only after she hunted him down landed in Carrie’s arms.

I’m still completely lost as to Carrie’s true feelings on the issue of Brody – man or asset. We should find out a lot more now that he’s flown away. Quite literally. Abu freakin Nazir showed up and whisked Brody away in a helicopter.

I could have danced around the issue for the better part of this post, but that is one big elephant to try to dance around. How it the HELL did US intelligence let Abu Nazir get into the States? I hope to God we’re not as bad on the job as what we witnessed on Homeland tonight, because if we are, then we’re in for a world of hurt.

Given Brody’s severely compromised behavior, Roya set it up as the second chance he wanted. What is this going to make him now? A triple bypass agent? He’s already cracked in pieces, can his psyche even make room for more lies? If he can swing it, for whom will he be telling them, and to which side? He could fall back under Nazir’s clutches, or learn to hate him for what was done to him the first time and even more so what will be done coming up.

I can’t even stand to think about it. It makes my brain bleed. If I was in Brody’s shoes, I would be wishing I had jumped in front of a bus or something, because the future must be so dark as to warrant a complete psychotic break. Frankly, I find Homeland so much more terrifying than the schtick they’ve pulled on American Horror Story this year, by ripping at your politically correct heartstrings. I’d rather spend time with my mouth shut in the Asylum or saying what they want me to say to “repent” than to  have to take action against people I love by way of terrorist activities for either side. Homeland makes my skin crawl with fear.

Of course, there was also the other nightmare, so minor by comparison it seems silly to even mention it. Dana is still sad she ran over and killed someone. Ha! Child’s play when daddy is running with the big boys like he is. Can you imagine if the family knew who Brody really was? They’d be begging for the President to paint over his mistakes with a stroke of dollar bills. I feel sorry for Dana, I really do. But I can’t stand the girl. She’s never been likable and this latest gaffe has only made dealing with her even more unpleasant.

Mike isn’t her dad, and turning to him also annoyed me, especially since she’s the one who gave Brody the golden ticket it the family to fly his freak flag and feel proud about it. She hid his secrets and thought it was all fun and games. Now he’s not around when she needs him and she runs to the dude waiting on the sidelines for her mom to open up. Dad has some huge issues to deal with and she’s bringing Mike Faber back into the family. How sweet.

My vote: Send Dana to boarding school. The kind where you actually board there. Go away, grow up, quit whining and begging for attention and needing to play bad girl and then feeling bad when it turns to crap. Buh bye!

Next week cannot get here fast enough.