Gossip Girl Review: Monstrous Ball

by Erin Steinberg 461 views0

Only 5 episodes left, only 5 episodes left. That is what I keep on telling myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gossip Girl. I have been watching it since the beginning, but it’s been on the decline the last couple seasons. My allegiance to Josh Schwartz is so strong though, that I must stick with it until the final xoxo.

I see Dan is still crashing at Blair’s and she’s asking him for fashion advice. Serena is domesticated and making pancakes for Steven. What is going on here? You know what these kids need? An event to go to! Just their luck it’s time for Cotillion. It wouldn’t be a GG episode without a fun party to go to.

So, Blair was searching for a new muse since she’s pretty much tanked her mother’s clothing line. She wanted Steven’s daughter Sage to do it but Sage wasn’t having any of it. Speaking of Steven, he was apparently planning on proposing to Serena. Isn’t it a tad too soon? They’ve been dating for what, a few months? How silly of me. This is Gossip Girl we are talking about. None of them have finished college and yet Nate owns an online newspaper, Blair now runs a clothing line and Chuck… well I’m not sure what Chuck does anymore.

We got a nice little mother/daughter moment from the proposal news (even though we all know Lily slept with Serena’s boyfriend a long time ago). That still gives me the chills. When Sage learned of her father’s plans she was none too thrilled. So she teamed up with Blair to put the breaks on the proposal plan.

Have I mentioned yet that Georgina was in the episode? I just love her character and Michelle Trachtenberg always plays her so well. Definitely a bright spot in the episode.

Now onto my least favorite characters. Ivy is still around and with Rufus, the dullest character ever. The two of them together just sends chills down my spine. Obviously she spied on Lily and sees her meeting Chuck. If you didn’t know, Chuck is on a mission to take down his father for his illegal activities involving oil. Ivy then offers to help Chuck. Can’t this girl just go away? I guess they need to fill the annoying girl quota since Vanessa left. Chuck and Ivy are busted though. I just hope he wins against his father and this storyline can end. I want him and Blair together already. I don’t understand why they can’t be together while he’s still on his mission.

We finally got a nice Serena and Blair moment. Can’t these two just kiss and make up? The show is so much better when these two are on the same side. Unfortunately, that nice moment didn’t last very long. Sage, the little brat, stole Georgina’s phone with the Dan and Serena sex video and displayed it on the screen as she was being introduced to society at Cotillion with Nate on her arm. Now this is a Gossip Girl event we all know and love! All hell breaks loose though. Lily tells her daughter “you don’t have boyfriends, you have life rafts.” Steven then breaks up with Serena. Bye Barry Watson. Loved seeing you again. Since Dan was still sniffing around Blair (dude, get over it! Blair belongs with Chuck) she tells him “I’d rather be with no one than with you.” Nate even gets in a zinger of his own to Sage. “You may be legal but this is way too high school for me.”

The episode ends with Serena heading off to get food with Dan. After everything that has happened could it be possible for these two to actually get back together? Only 5 episodes left!