Hart of Dixie Review: I Walk the Line

by Carissa Pavlica 528 views0

If someone thought I was going to be even remotely interested in a relationship between Lavon and Ruby, they were greatly mistaken. Ruby has no redeeming qualities. Why does Lavon like her? I have to assume it’s leftover feelings from their past, because anything she has done since arriving in Bluebell has hardly made her endearing. Then again, Lemon has very few of those qualities and he was in love with her, too.

Lavon has horrible taste in women. He’s one of those men who would walk to the ends of the earth for his friends, which is why he makes such a wonderful mayor. He works all angles of a situation without bias to come to an amiable conclusion for all involved parties. Yet he chooses self-involved bitches to fall in love with. Women who wouldn’t give him the same consideration he would undoubtedly give them. Maybe Ruby will surprise me. Given that she was written into the series as a best friend for Zoe and hasn’t had a scene with her that has come close to that since her first episode, I’m not holding out hope.

I’m impressed with how far Zoe and Brick have come in their partnership. She can come straight out and call him a horse’s ass and he shakes his head, thinks it over and agrees. That’s progress! His long distance relationship also made Zoe realize that the obstacles to any partnership can be overcome, and it took a chicken pecking at the photos of the mayoral candidates to realize it. The choices people make are a crap shoot, distance between them is the least of their worries.

When George first met Presley, I was certain we were in for a wild ride given their clashing personalities. The whole “opposites attract” scenario. So, I was wrong. She was a bit too far out there, even for Bluebell. Did we see the beginning of something new between Tancy and George? I’m guessing that will make things even more awkward between the foursome. Could seeing George with Tancy bring up old feelings Wade has left drifting around for her? I sure hope not, because he and Zoe are doing so good together. They are fun and still talk about challenging subjects like lasting relationships. I think they are the real thing, whether they’re ready to recognize it or not.

Hart of Dixie continues to surprise me. I didn’t even enjoy “I Walk the Line” all that much, and yet it still affected me. That last chat with Zoe and Wade rang true. The look on George’s face when he agreed to have Tancy fix his hair gave me hope for his happiness. Brick confiding in Zoe about his personal life is so much more interesting than their constant antagonism. Everybody is growing in Bluebell. For Lavon’s sake, I hope Ruby takes up the trait.

As an aside, did you catch the commercial for Samsung with behind the scenes video? “Let’s get Wade.” THAT’S a great campaign slogan.