Hart of Dixie Review: “Old Alabama”

by Carissa Pavlica 710 views0

Hart-Of-Dixie-Old-AlabamaThe most important jobs in Bluebell have to be costumer and caterer. Lemon and AnnaBeth picked the perfect business to start, but I’d sure like to know which lucky bugger is the town’s costumer. That’s right, it’s another week so it’s another festival in Bluebell on Hart of Dixie.

This week it was Pioneer Day and Mayor Lavon saw fit to bestow upon the newly outed couple of Zoe and Wade the honor of portraying Bluebell’s founding couple. It turned out that the founding couple had as many issues in their relationship as Wade and Zoe dream they have in theirs. What is with them, anyway? They literally dream things up to fight about. From everything being lovely to pushing each other’s buttons in just a matter of minutes, they seem determined to destroy themselves.

Thankfully it lead to a fantastic conversation in bed at the end of “Old Alabama” when Zoe admitted she’s afraid. She’s afraid to end up like her parents, afraid that she doesn’t know how to have a real relationship because she never had one before. The great thing is she and Wade are really taking the time to talk about these things, even after they blow up in front of the entire town. They aren’t keeping secrets any longer than necessary for a little dramatic tension. That just reeks of a couple with staying power.

It was about time Brick and George made up. I don’t know why the series decided to tone Brick down so much this season, but it’s very welcome to this viewer. His antics last year, always being angry and ready to pop, especially where Zoe was concerned, made him seem like too much of a hard-ass. His lighter tone lends well to the entire tone of Hart of Dixie.

As strange as it was that Brick and George were sharing bedside advice and exchanging notes on their shared dating of Shelby, it made perfect sense. Brick had himself assured he was totally wrong to be dating a younger woman, but by the end George told him to just go for it. What was the point in holding back if it was something what would make him happy? Sound advice.

Even Lemon has become a sweetheart, making Lavon look like the ass. I wouldn’t have thought that possible last year. He needs to stop punishing Lemon for what happened with Ruby, because they were never going to make it as a couple. Lemon needs to stop holding back her heart and let Lavon know she is still in love with him. I know she’s skittish of her own heartbreak, and worried that she might unwittingly hurt Lavon again, but why should they both be miserable when love is clearly in their future?

While there seems to be less to digest each week on Hart of Dixie, there is more to simply enjoy while watching it. There isn’t anything wrong with that and I hope we don’t slide down the dramatic pipeline any time soon. What about you? Are you enjoying season two and the lighter side of things in Bluebell, or would you prefer more tension and focus on the dramatic love triangles? Don’t be afraid to drop a note in the comments!