Finding Carter Season Finale Preview: Lori Returns

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finding carter

finding carterFor quite a while after she was returned to the Wilson family, Carter held on to this idealized version of her life with her mother. She thought that if she could just escape the clutches of Elizabeth’s iron fist, she would be able to reunite with Lori and go back to living the life that they were before this whole mess started. It was an understandable way of thinking, considering that everything Carter knew was taken away from her for something that wasn’t her fault, but it was bound to give way when she bonded with the Wilson family and realized that she could love them without betraying her love for her mother. But will Carter be able to reject her mother’s offer to run away together?

On the season finale of Finding Carter, Lori returns to Carter’s life after laying back in the shadows, hell-bent on taking her daughter and putting any memories of Virginia and Elizabeth Wilson behind them for good. But the decision to leave, just like the one that she faced on her birthday, isn’t exactly easy for Carter; she has a life with the Wilsons, having formed relationships with each member of the family, and she doesn’t want to abandon people that she loves, not even if Lori is the one asking her to leave. If that wasn’t enough motivation to keep her in Virginia, there’s the whole matter of Carter not wanting to leave Max as he recovers from the shooting that she played a role in, so as much as she loves her mother, she isn’t going to leave a leave and an identity behind for her. Yet, seeing as how unstable Lori has become since Carter left, will Carter even have a choice in the matter?

Elsewhere on Finding Carter, Max and Taylor’s relationship hits a breaking point, while Carter uncovers dark secrets that she might not be ready to handle.

The season finale of Finding Carter airs Tuesday at 10:00 on MTV. The series has already been renewed for a 12-episode second season that will premiere sometime in 2015.

Do you think that Lori will attempt to take Carter from the Wilson home, whether she wants to go or not? Will Taylor and Max’s relationship be able to survive the stress from the shooting? What type of secrets will Carter uncover and how will they impact her view of the Wilsons?