Finding Carter 1.10 Preview: Will Carter Come Home?

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finding carter

finding carterFrustrated at the betrayal from David and Elizabeth’s inability to just be her mother for once, Carter took the opportunity to run away with Crash and escape from the life she thought she wanted. When she decided to stay with her birth family over running off with Lori, Carter thought that she made the right decision – she had some good friends, she was growing closer with Taylor, and she opened herself up to Crash to good results, as the two made things official after a flirtatious friendship. However, once Bird pinned her for the stolen necklace, Carter got put on the defensive and in her mind, she had no reason to stay in her current situation, not when she felt like everyone was against her.

On tonight’s episode of Finding Carter, Carter goes on the lam with Crash in hopes of starting over and living the type of life that she wasn’t getting to under David and Elizabeth’s roof. However, her time on the road isn’t exactly the romantic getaway that Carter expected; instead, it opens her eyes to what a life with Crash and without any type of stable home environment would be like and frankly, it’s not something that she wants to experience. Carter thought that Crash would provide the excitement and support that she felt she wasn’t getting from her birth family, but when his back is up against the wall, he reverts back to the behaviors that nearly landed him in prison, behaviors that nearly took him away from her for three years. And as much as Carter might like him, she’s outgrown the fascination with danger, to the point that seeing Crash like this might force her back into the Wilson’s home and into the life that she tried to abandon.

Elsewhere on Finding Carter, Elizabeth’s actions infuriate Grant and Taylor.

Finding Carter airs tonight at 10:00 on MTV. The show was renewed for a second season last month.

Do you think Carter will return home once she sees what a life with Crash would be like? Will Taylor and Grant ever forgive Elizabeth for cheating on their father? How will Elizabeth react once she comes into contact with Carter for the first time after her daughter ran away?