The Strain 1.10 Preview: Eph Investigates Kelly’s Disappearance

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the strain

the strainThough Eph’s primary goal is to protect the city from the vampire threat, he can’t do that if he’s mentally checked out, worrying about the state of Kelly and Zack. He needs to have his full attention on locating The Master and having Zack be put in harm’s way or Kelly not around won’t allow him to do that, so before he can get back out in the world, he’s got to find his ex-wife. Not only does she provide his life with a last shred of normalcy, a concept stripped away by the rise of the vampires, she gives him motivation to fight – something to look forward to when the epidemic subsides and a new normal can be established.

On the next episode of The Strain, Eph investigates Kelly’s disappearance, but it turns out to not be as simple a matter as he might have hoped. The best case scenario for Eph was that Kelly, upon seeing that Matt had turned into this savage creature, got out of the house and went somewhere safe until she could get back in contact with him; however, Eph ends up tracking Kelly’s phone and learns that she was separated from the device long ago, a bad sign for his ability to get in contact with her and possibly a bad sign for her safety. Eph has been hanging on by a thread and with Jim’s death already weighing heavily on him, he can’t take any type of bad news about Kelly, not when he’s on the front lines of controlling this epidemic. He needs her to be okay and the city of New York needs her to be okay, but is Kelly okay?

Elsewhere on The Strain, Dutch retaliates against Palmer for misleading her regarding the purpose of the tech blackout, while Eldritch’s caregiver Mr. Fitzwilliams makes a surprising choice.

The Strain airs Sundays at 10:00 on FX.

Where do you think Kelly went once she discovered that Matt was infected? How will Dutch get her revenge on Palmer for using her skills for nefarious means? Will Mr. Fitzwilliams’ choice negatively impact Palmer’s quest for immortality?